Saturday, June 23, 2012


I can not go to Disney World and blog. The sheer mental and physical exhaustion from a Disney Marathon, especially one in the heat and humidity of June, means that booting up a computer, getting it to talk to the hotel router, and uploading pictures is beyond me.

I also can not blog while driving 3600 miles in 3.5 days, slamming through 14 hours of driving a day.

I apologize for the situation.

However, I am home now HOME at the beach! We made it, in record time, after driving 6800 miles through 19 states. (round trip of course). I came home to delighted animals, and a bunch of bare root roses to plant.

Today, I am tackling the rose situation, while my 1200 sorted photos upload to the computer. I shall then photo bomb you with happy Disney photos, along with some travel ones.

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