Monday, October 24, 2011

Sheer Madness

This is a crazy, crazy, crazy insane state. Want proof? Exhibit 8,465,942

I realize this is small, click on it for the entire effect.

This is a list of items for the kids sixth grade camp. Now I went to camp. I enjoy and appreciate camp. I can still sing my camp song. However, these kids have to go to camp in NOVEMBER. In the FROZEN TUNDRA!!! In the SNOW! And the COLD! I guess at least there aren't mosquitoes and ticks then..

But let's review the above list:

First the warning that is can be cold and change temperature suddenly. Right from above zero to below zero.

Then the notification they need long johns, parkas, wool socks, scarves, hats, gloves. Boots. Seriously people, this is camp! They're dressing as though they're joining the rebel forces stationed at Hoth and then going out to ride their TonTons to the last marker. I mean, I understand the warm clothes, I don't understand the camp in November. Why not just send them in January? If they're going to be exposed to bitter temperatures why not go for life threatening ones?

Besides what will they do at camp? Stalk and kill a deer? Ice fish? Study the frozen pond water? All the birds have flown south. All the small creatures have fled. The leaves are off the trees. All that it proves is that people are insane enough to think that going into the woods in November in the frozen tundra is fun.

We're offsetting this by knitting hats and scarves and shopping for wool socks. In reality I think homeschooling may be a better option.


  1. That's just sheer crazy talking. I can see camping down here in November. When it's finally cool enough to venture outdoors.

    I would be clinging to your leg crying, "Mommy, please don't make me go."

  2. Oh geezzz. I live in Northern Minnesota. Yep. They do some crazy ass things here! Any other State, and you'd think it was "survival training". You know, for the next Ice Age. Maybe?? On another note, when my son was in Boy Scouts, our first year in MN., he was 12, one of their badges(?) was field dressing and skinning a deer! This kid doesn't even fish because he doesn't want to cause an animal harm (he's 32 now). That was the end of Boy Scouts! Good luck with the prep for "Ice Camp"!!