Monday, October 17, 2011

A List

I am not really sure where the last 10 days have gone. Somewhere between today, yesterday and tomorrow is my best guess.

So let me explain, no there is too much, let me sum up... Which reminds me, I must find my copy of The Princess Bride..

10 - Ramses is 17 weeks old. 17 week old puppies are charming. He's housetrained mostly, is big enough to go on longer walks, loves car rides, ice cream cones, sleeps through the night, and basically never sleeps during the day (which explains where I have been).

9 - Kids are in school. Homework sucks, especially when they dislike doing it. They have 2 days off this week, which means so do I. YAY!

8 - I've still been eating mostly vegan. Really liking it. Still miss Gruyere cheese, but I don't miss the actual taste, more the idea of it if that makes any sense.

7 - Cats are much happier now that they have us trained to buy them the most expensive cat food, potentially in the world. Obviously I was being a bad cat caretaker by feeding them the 2nd most expensive, cause evidently free range chicken is much better tasting. Who knew. But the house is more peaceful now.

6 - I love that it's cold enough for soup. Soup makes me happy.

5 - I do not love the fact that the temperature is dropping 10 degrees a week. I am not sure why it simply can't stay in the 50s for awhile but evidently mother nature and I disagree on this.

4 - I am still making fresh bread every day. Love it, it makes me happy, and goes wonderfully well with the aforementioned soup.

3 - I broke down and read a book on the Kindle. That's all I'm saying about that.

2 - I have managed to exercise every day this month except for 2. That makes me happy. Tennis is fun afterall, so is walking a puppy through fall leaves.

1 - I love fall. I just don't understand why it has to be followed by winter - or at least winter with snow, ice, cold, freezing hands... Now I am depressed.

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  1. I love fall, wish it would be fall temps on my day off so I can make soup.

    It's still record highs here in the upper 90's. Bleck!!

    I suppose running for a bus twice a day can be considered exercising.

    Have fun with your puppy.