Friday, July 6, 2012

Some Bunny New

Bunnies! I have been waiting for bunnies for years. Waiting till I lived somewhere with more room, better weather, and a garden. Waiting to be back in the Northwest.

Truth be told I was going to wait till next year, but that didn't happen. I am bad at waiting. And I waited a long time in hot-humid-buggy-freezing-tornadoey-blizzardy Minnesota. I was done.

Introducing.... Well, they don't have names yet. Pansy? Petunia? Clover? Merida, Ariel, and Jasmine? Arabella, Anabeth, and Eliza? I am not sure. I told my nephews they could name them, the one is refusing because he ALWAYS named the animals, and then his brother bemoans the fact. But the brother can't seem to think of a name. So we stagnate. Any suggestions?

This little one is the most outgoing. Here she is critiquing my spinning
fiber choice. She has an opinion on everything!

This is her sister, who is shy and thinks things through before diving in.
She is VERY sweet though, and really likes to be petted. They're
both lionheads so they will lose that fluffy coat most likely.

The clown of the group is the mini lop. Once I got the other 2,
I decided to add a lop as I love their personalities. She is adorable!


Helping me spin

Sitting outside the bunny condo. It is 7 feet by 2 feet, but during
the day they have the run of the porch.

Looking at the big world outside. I am working on a moveable exercise
pen for them out there too. Lucky bunnies.
Of course the reason I got them has nothing to do with how fluffy, cute, cuddly and funny bunnies are. I got them strictly to help with the gardens. Yes. Completely practical. SQUEEEE bunnies!

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  1. OMG!! I am soooo jealous!! My son has a bunny -- a lionhead/rex. She's 5 yrs old now and I love her to pieces when she comes to visit. She has a great personality, a real character! You're gonna have lots of fun; they are absolutely adorable! I want one so bad, but they are high maintainence --- very high maintainence --- like 24/7/365. So, I just enjoy our "granddaughter", Lambchop, when I can.

    Check out the blog: "House of Rabbits" or "BunSpace". There's also a website for info and help: "House Rabbits Society". Good luck with your new additions! Sooooo cute!!