Monday, July 2, 2012

10 Things

1 - It's July. It's hot. But not here. Here it is in the 60s. We escaped to where there is a huge natural air conditioner called the ocean. Good call on our part I think.

2 - I am busy. Somehow busier than before. Tomorrow I will walk around the house and take photos to show what I have been doing.

3 - I have bunny rabbits. I am excited. I pointed out to less excited people that they are cheaper than fish tanks. And they make great fertilizer for the gardens.

4 - It's Tour De Fleece time again. I am spinning. It gives me an excuse to do so. I need an excuse.

5 - It is incredibly hard to convince an almost 13 year old digging a hole for a rose bush is just as fun as digging a hole on the beach. I think I need younger kids to convince.

6 - It is summer. I love summer in the Northwest. I know there is the reputation it rains all the time, but that is really wrong. Summer is mild sunkissed days, cool nights, and flowers everywhere.

7 - Does anyone else get the urge to go into a Golden Corral and put their cotton candy in the chocolate waterfall thingie?

8 - Speaking of chocolate waterfalls, I made 12 half pints, and 4 pints of strawberry freezer jam this past weekend. My niece Sophie who was visiting said it tasted like a chocolate waterfall in her mouth. I think that was a compliment. We also made fat free vegan scones. Vegan scones and strawberry freezer jam are awesome.

9 - Next up is blueberries. I am not sure whether to make jam though or just to freeze them for later. Or simply eat all 6 pints which is what I did with the first pint I got.

10 - I hope everyone is enjoying the summer, staying cool, and taking a little time to smell the flowers or pet the bunnies.

My first 2 TDF Collages :).

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