Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Like a Band of Gypsies We Go Down the Highway (part 5)

The next day dawned early for us. We had made prior plans to go with a family friend Judi, and her son Jimmy up to one of my favorite places Northwest Trek! She had also planned a trip up to Paradise on Mt Rainier, and to a sculpture garden. I had never been up to the mountain, somehow the entire time I have lived here, I'd always skipped that. I was so totally looking forward to this day!!!!

Northwest Trek is a wildlife park located south of Seattle. When I was a kid, it was where I always wanted to go for my birthday. The most memorable trip, was when our car broke down and we had to hike up the very long hill to get to the park. Northwest Trek is a wildlife park that features animals of the northwest, in their natural habitat. You ride a tram through a large part of the park where you can see the herbivores out grazing. They also have a walking trail where you can see the big cats, wolves etc. The cats were all off sleeping but the bears and canines were out to play.


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