Thursday, August 4, 2011

Knitterly Things

I had a little project this week....

At the Mariners Stitch and Pitch I had purchased this gorgeous sparkly purple handdyed yarn from Main StreetYarns. It was from a dyer in Seattle, and I just fell in love.

I brought it into the hotel room, and Mom immediately claimed it for herself. You see, it matched the dress she's wearing to her reunion perfectly, and she decided that it would make a great wrap.

The yarn went through many variations after that, stopping and starting a few designs, but nothing was perfect. Except for winding the skein I hadn't touched it. Till Sunday that is, when mom threw it in my lap and said she was quitting, it hated her.

I was feeling adventurous (and a little daring, and pressed for time), and decided by gosh, I was going to do a pattern. I like Feather and Fan patterns (not that I'd ever done one, but they look good on Ravelry), and found the Wave and Shell shawl and went to work.

No, it's not perfect, but I purled (!), and I finished it in 3 days, without ripping it back once. Yes, I'm proud of myself, this was such a knitting type pattern. I mean, it's lacy, and makes a shape and all that. And I did it! Next, I'm finishing a Multnomah shawl, and then a Swallowtail - and then who knows?!


  1. Very pretty shawl. Love the color. I haven't done "feather n fan" for years! Soooo, did you let your mom borrow it for her reunion?

  2. Lovely shawl and I love the yarn. Three days must be some sort of a record. It took me several weeks to knit a feather and fan scarf.