Friday, October 19, 2012

Chinook Middle Camp

The kids are here for a short visit so we ran over to the new park on the Columbia river. It was originally the middle camp for the Chinook tribe where they fished, and later a trading location for settlers. In 1904  St Marys church was built there. They still offer mass during the summer months.

Monday, October 15, 2012

It Can't Always Be Sunshine and Roses

We got out first good rainstorm the last few days. I'll leave out the details about how Ramses refused to go outside in the rain, or the story of making sure everything was rainerized that I thought already was, but it wasn't cause I didn't anticipate the way the wind would blow here.

Saturday, we headed out to a fiber fest a couple hours away. It was cute, small, and only very slightly damp. I picked up a little bit of Merino/alpaca/silk roving, natural colored, and a graduated batt. It was fun to look at yarn and fiber, something that has been woefully lacking. Though I have been spinning a little bit, and knitting some too in between beach trips, gardening, and hours spent wandering around the yard.

See the shawl on the left? Yup, knitted that, then mom crocheted an
edge. (she is the person on the right). This was a good plan, as the
pattern I was using morphed from easy to clearly wrong, and
if it hadn't been crocheted, it'd still be here rather than on the person
it was made for (person on the left).


Lovely fiber, but I can't wait to start that new batt..

Some may think this looks gloomy, but I think it looks a heck
of a lot better than a blizzard!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Flowers

Geraniums still blooming like crazy!

We painted the pumphouse

And added year round flowers

Dahlias are happy

And bursting with blooms

The roses are still rejoicing

The rhodies are transplanted
The leaves are starting to turn here. Of course we don't have the show in the midwest. It's a muted fall. Nature doesn't feel the need to blast out the colors as a promise spring and colors will be back. They stay around a little bit longer, and come back faster.

Across the lake the alders are changing at the foot of the evergreens

I love the golds

A couple nights ago, a black bear was sauntering along the bank.
I was too surprised to run and grab the camera. But if you use your
imagination - you can see him there...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Random Fall Photos

Jellyfish on the beach

Poodle on the beach

Seagulls on the beach

Sunset on the beach

Dogs on the beach

Another sunset on the beacb

Sunset over the cranberries

Lots of cranberries

Tons of cranberries
Tired poodle, dreaming of seagulls..