Thursday, September 27, 2012

I Dreamed a Dream..

Christmas day, while everyone is opening presents, stuffing themselves with chocolate and goodies, and having a wonderful time, I will be crying my eyes out.


Potentially hysterical.

I will, in short, be watching Les Miserables in the theater.

Did I mention I will be crying? That is a given.
I am so happy Cameron Macintosh did not cast Taylor Swift as Eponine. Had that rumor held true I may have had to start a write in campaign, and picketed the filming. But since he screen tested her and evidently found her to have little talent (silly, I could have told him that!) I was safe. He instead cast the brilliant, amazing Samantha Barks and my world was safe.

So I will be sitting there, crying into my tissues, reliving the the lives of Jean Valjean and the rest. To prepare, I am reading the book. Well, and stalking the Les Mis Facebook page. 13 weeks. I can't wait.

PS: I found the shawl. It was in a laundry basket underneath a load of clean clothes.
PPS: Now the pattern doesn't seem to be working.
PPPS: I have one week to figure it out.
PPPPS: I blame the cats.

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