Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Art of Procrastination

I have 6 days to pack. Of course also scheduled for those 6 days are:

Church singing
Piano Recital
Shepherd's Harvest
Relative greeting

And I am not making progress. Today I did take another load to the Goodwill (under the theory it's better to give it away than pack it in a box) but then tonight, instead of cleaning my closet, I bathed and groomed the dogs. Cause you need a fluffy poodle when you move.

Of course yesterday I didn't clean out the closet because I did the linen closet, and because the kids were here.

And the day before I didn't clean out the closet because it was afterall Monday.

Now tomorrow is Thursday. I have boxes everywhere, started, yet not finished. The closet is not clean, because evidently simply wishing it clean didn't work. And I am typing a blog post about the closet instead of cleaning it. It's not even that it's that bad. Maybe it's just because it's the last one. Or because it's mine.

Really though, I am in the stage where it feels like nothing will ever get done, and we will be stuck in limbo forever. The house in disorganized chaos, clutter everywhere you go, a slightly damp carpet from dog grooming, boxes strewn about, and cats angry at me over the lack of furnishings (I got rid of the couches.

Welcome to moving. I need a drink.

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